Where is BC College of Optics (BCCO) located?

We are located ½ a block north of the last SkyTrain station in Surrey called    “King George Station”

Is student parking available?

Yes, we have a public parking lot at the school where monthly parking passes may be purchased and there is some street parking in the vicinity.

May I have a tour of the school?

Yes, just call Sheree at (604) 581-0101 to arrange a time during regular business hours.

May I receive more course information?

Yes, call Sheree at (604) 581-0101.

Are you a private school?

Yes, we have been regulated by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education since 1984, and formally accredited since 1998. All tuition fees are fully tax deductible.

Can I receive a student loan or other government funding?

Yes, we are designated for BC Student loans (if you qualify). Students may also qualify for HRDC and EI funding.

Is practical hands-on included in the 6-month OPTICIAN/CONTACT LENS FITTER training?

Yes, all training is provided in-house by our experienced opticianry instructors. No outside practical training is required at BCCO.

How does the 6-month BC College of Optics program compare to the 2-year public College programs?

Our accelerated BCCO opticianry program uses the latest in advanced technological training aids and proprietary training methods. Coupled with our experienced caring instructors and small class size means that students can learn quickly.

What are firm admission requirements?

One (1) year of elementary or basic Mathematics that included Algebra is a firm pre-requisite since our program included optical formulas in the Geometric Optics portion of our training.

Are the BCCO tuition fees payable up front?

No, all students may have a payment plan where tuition is paid monthly, ‘as you go’. If going through government student loans, BCCO will carry the student until the student loan is processed.

How does the BCCO graduate become licensed?

Following graduation, BCCO graduates must apply for a Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR). The PLAR process consists of a computerized, multiple-choice optical test, followed by a regulatory College interview. PLAR usually takes place about 1-4 months after application, and once successful the applicant is advanced to NACOR National exams in Dispensing and Contact Lens Fitting. PLAR costs about $1300.00. But when you consider that you will graduate a fully qualified Optician and can earn 18-months of optical wages compared to graduates of a 2-year public College program, this cost for PLAR is very reasonable. Graduates may also forgo provincial licensing if they choose to find employment in an Optometrist’s retail optical store.