To: All prospective International Students of BC College of Optics (BCCO)

Here is our admission process for those applying to our six (6) month opticianry program from outside of Canada in 2017. BC College of Optics requires a non-refundable $350.00CAD registration application fee with our Registration form which can be downloaded from this web site. Together with a copy of your high school/university transcript indicating a passing grade in basic Algebra, or Mathematics that included Algebra at the Grade X or XI level, or equivalent. Upon receipt of same, we then send the applicant our Enrolment Agreement. International Student Fees are $15,670.00 with an additional cost for Text Books of $450.00. We will issue our ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ letter required by our Canadian Consulate located in your home country for your ‘Canadian Study Permit’ application.
At your interview at our Canadian Consulate for your Canadian Study Permit, they will seek evidence of:

a) A pre-paid return airline ticket back to your country of origin after our training.

b) Evidence of sufficient financial resources for a six (6)-month stay in Canada (about $10,000.00CAD or $7000.00USD) in a bank account in your name or your credit card, or a Canadian sponsor that will finance 6-months living expenses.

c) Medical check/shots as required.

d) Our school’s confirmation ‘Letter of Acceptance’, indicating that you possess the necessary educational pre-requisites for our program, and that your entire $15,670.00CAD tuition fee has been prepaid in full.

e) Convincing evidence that you plan to return to your home country of residence following completion of your training here, and not expecting to remain in Canada afterwards. Canadian ‘Study Permit’ officials will question you fully, and look for things such as… do you have a written opticianry job offer in your home country following graduation from our school; have you close family ties such as a spouse, children or real estate property that will obligate you to return home following our training here, etc. You must assure Consulate officials that you honestly plan to return to your home country immediately after our training, and will not overstay your Study Permit or they will refuse to issue it.

The entire application process for Study Permit may take from 1-4 months, so choose an appropriate course enrolment date.

Should you be unsuccessful in receiving your Canadian Study Permit, we will issue a 100% refund of your entire $15,670.00CAD pre-paid tuition fees upon receipt of an official Canadian government letter denying you entry into Canada to take our 6-month OPTICIAN/CONTACT LENS FITTER program.

Note: Effective June 1st, 2014 all applications for International Study Permit must contain a ‘Designated Learning Institution’ (DLI) number. Our BC College of Optics number is: O19273931872 . Please make sure you place this number in the part of the Study Permit application form that starts with letter ‘O’. Also show your Consulate officer our BC College of Optics school accreditation listing for International students in