I’ve had 3 staff members attend the BC College of Optics.
They had experience in the field, wanted to further their education and become Opticians. They enjoyed the teaching staff and grew in confidence because of the material they learned. They are all very qualified and successful Opticians.

Alex GreibPresident of Capital Optical, Ottawa

We’ve employed a grad from the BC College of Optics for over 7 years and she just left for personal issues, we miss her and would love to be able to fill her position with another BC College grad.


I took the course in 2006-2007. It was a great environment for learning all the skills an optician needs for the real world and for the national exams. The course is very hands on, a one on one course. The staff was always there for the many questions I had. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this program and recommend it to anyone who is considering to be a licensed optician.

Greg GreibStudent

I am now at Aston University studying Optometry. By the way, We are doing VERGENCE now. I capitalized that because it’s a huge topic! I am so glad I still kept the notes from you guys because I use it as reference! The professors don’t really explain it that well.

Yan YanStudent

Six months ago when we started we were like soft S.C.L. (“Students Confused w/ Life”), but you have “molded” and “polished” us now towards being future R.G.P. (“Really Good Professionals”). We’ve learned so much from you. Thanks for challenging us with all the math, homework, surprise quizzes, sleepless nights, pathology and more math – because of this, we now have the ideal “edge” over our colleagues in this field. Thanks for always answering our questions, no matter how stubborn or persistent. Thanks for the moments of humor, it kept us from becoming mentally or vertically imbalanced at the classroom level.


I decided to start my career in the optical field couple years ago. Initially I started my program at another school where it was going to take my 2 years to complete both my dispensing optician and contact lens fitter program. Then I heard about BC College of Optics, I applied and then later got accepted to complete my contact lens portion of the program. The Profs were awesome they always went out of there way to help students.


I must also state that after graduating I applied for the Gap Analysis  in less than a week. Within that week I put out resumes online and had a full time, local job, lined up for the following monday (where I am still currently employed.) In three months time I completed the Gap Analysis  and the Interview shortly after that. I was assigned one module, by the College of Opticians, which was not very extensive or difficult. Having completed the assignment I applied for the fall Nait exams for both dispensing and contacts. I went back to the BCCO for review and studied hard and successfully passed my exams. I am now an insured, licensed, practicing Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Fitter.


I am a graduate of BC College of Optics. I enrolled in their 6 month Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens program in September 2011. I found the classes to be educational, up to date and informative. The teachers, administrator and dean were very knowledgeable, experienced and well versed in the industry.

It is easy to see they take pride in their jobs as Opticians, Contact Lens experts and in  particular – teaching. The BCCO is well structured and organized, with cleanliness and hygiene being an important factor. Their class environment is one that promote questions, student participation and group discussions.

Having 3 young children, going back to school and changing careers, has presented itself with some significant obstacles but the rewards have been beyond my expectations, and for that I am truly grateful.

Kim SchadeStudent